Fitness Model Elizabeth

Working with Fitness Competitor Elizabeth at my studio in Oregon.
I met Elizabeth on a social network for models and photographers. Elizabeth is amazing in with her dedication to fitness and a joy to work with.  These shots were done with a simple three light set up.

Lighting set up: A lot of time and care was taken to meter the exposure and create a clean background.   The main (key light) was set camera right just off of center and high with a large soft box angled down. A second fill light was set up camera left and behind the model, we ran a 9″ can to give a little hight light on the face and cut the hair a bit more.  The background light was filtered with an umbrella and flagged with a large L shaped panel.  Shot with a canon 5D Mark II and 28-70 f/2.8 lens at f/4 @ 1/160 second.


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